Five Reasons to Come to Hot Springs, NC

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Five Reasons to Come to Hot Springs, NC

Natural Beauty


The Laurel River, in Hot Springs, NC

Autumn along the Laurel River

Hot Springs is nestled along the French Broad River in Madison County, NC. It’s no accident that Madison County has been called “the Jewel of the Blue Ridge”. It is abundant with clear creeks, rugged land, and natural diversity. Whether you are into camping, birding, citizen science, site seeing, or just relaxing in a beautiful place, Hot Springs has you covered. The biological diversity is outstanding in and around Hot Springs. The unusual geology which is responsible for the geothermal waters, also has attracted unusual plant and animal species to the area. Here are some resources to help you enjoy the splendor and wonder of this magical land.


Madison County Map

Hiking Trails


Biological Inventory

Camping Guide

The French Broad River


The French Broad is an ancient river. Its meandering route suggests to geologists that it was formed even before the southern Appalachians rose up during a continental collision roughly half a billion years ago. There are several ways to enjoy the French Broad in the here and now. River Road in Hot Springs, NC allows access to the river and offers beautiful views. Look for eagles, ospreys and herons hunting along the way. Murray Branch picnic area is a great place to take in the beauty or use the picnic tables, shelters and grills to enjoy a lovely outdoor meal beside the river. If you want to get out on the French Broad, or get in it, we have locally owned guides and rental services to get you there. Check out the resources below to help you enjoy the French Broad River in Hot Springs, NC:

Family Fun on the French Broad River

Blue Heron Whitewater

French Broad Adventures

Hot Springs Rafting

Murray Branch Picnic Area

Fishing the French Broad, by Pete Dixon

The Naturally Warm Mineral Water


Pine Cabin Hot Tub

Hot Springs, NC is named for its rare and amazing resource: waters which spring from the earth naturally warm and full of soothing minerals. The healing properties may stem from the complex mix of minerals which are dissolved in the water. But our attraction and enjoyment may stem as much from our instinctive connection to the earth. When we feel the warmth of the water, we are feeling the heat from the heart of our planet. Surely that is comforting. The geological explanation for these springs is that a geological fault in the Stackhouse area allows the water to filter down about a mile beneath the surface. The rock under Hot Springs is a crunched and folded layer of sedimentary rock which was pushed into the Appalachians about a half billion years ago when the continents of North and South America were pushed into Africa and Europe in a tectonic collision. The crunched up sedimentary rock is very porous, allowing the water to return to the surface under pressure from a mile down. One of the interesting ways to experience the natural warm water is to find it with your feet while wading in the French Broad around Hot Springs. In the area around the Hot Springs Resort and Spa there are several places where the warm waters are seeping into the river. But to get a bath in the natural warm water, you need to be a guest at one of two businesses listed below:


Broadwing Farm Cabins 

Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Dining In Hot Springs, NC


The entrance to Big Pillow Brewing

Hot Springs, NC has many dining choices, including Big Pillow Brewing.

Hot Springs, NC now has considerable choices for dining enjoyment! The trusty standby is of course the Smoky Mountain Diner, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner with a varied menu filled with tasty options, located on Lance Avenue just leaving town. For a diverse menu of standard american cuisine, and beer and wine, the Iron Horse Restaurant is right beside the railroad tracks. The Spring Creek Tavern has a great deck overlooking Spring Creek, and serves a selection of grilled food plus beer and wine. Vaste Riviere is across the street from the tavern and offers a deli style specialty selection with indoor and outdoor dining and a fly fishing shop in the back. For tacos and a brewery check out the Big Pillow, and for delicious brick oven pizzas, Vinyl Pies is top notch. It seems like a short time ago that Hot Springs was a one horse town, with few dining choices. But “them days is past and gone”, get your appetite ready and come to Hot springs for the dining! For breakfast yummies and coffee, the Artisun Gallery and Cafe offers made to order coffee bevs, smoothie’s and  local baked goods . One Note: while most Hot Springs restaurants and stores offer beer and wine choices, no spirits are sold in town.  Resources below:


Big Pillow

Iron Horse Restaurant

Smoky Mountain Diner

Spring Creek Tavern

Vaste Riviere

Vinyl Pies

ArtiSun Gallery and Cafe 

Tobacco Road Burley and Brew Package Store

Sarajo’s Station – Gas and Local Products

Hiking In Hot Springs, NC


The hiking around Hot Springs, NC is quite amazing. There are trails along the beautiful waterways like the Rocky Bluff Nature Trail and the Laurel River Trail. There are trails to take in beautiful vistas like Lovers Leap Trail and the Roundtop Ridge Trail. And there are trails into some of the most biologically diverse areas in North America, like Jack’s Branch. And of course there is the historic Appalachian Trail, which is the main street through Hot Springs!  There are trails for every level of strenuousness and to meet every taste in scenic experience. Follow the links below to get information on Hot Springs, NC area trails.

Hiking in beautiful Hot Springs, NC

Roundtop Ridge Trail

Jack’s Branch Trail/Jack’s Branch Alltrails Post

Lover’s Leap/Pump Gap Trails

Rich Mountain Fire Tower on the Appalachian Trail 

Laurel River Trail

Spring Creek Nature Trail